Dear Stranger…

Have you ever met someone you just clicked with? You meet and you have the same interests, music tastes, beliefs, goals, and outlook on life? And the best part is, you don’t even know how you started talking in the first place. But by the time you say goodbye you feel like you’ve known them your whole life, and have built an entire relationship. I met that someone yesterday on the plane ride home. He was an aspiring writer, and to my surprise, he had a pretty good understanding of the world and the people of it. Almost as if he knew the meaning of life itself. But continued to look at the world with a yearning curiosity. A born runner… but trapped within the confines of the limits this world places on us all, not to mention the limits we often place on ourselves. I’ll probably never see or hear of him again. So with that in mind I wish him well, and hope that wherever he ends up, or whatever he is doing, that he is happy and living out his dreams. So, young man, here’s to you. The world is limitless; we just have to learn how to escape the boundaries.


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