An Act of Kindness

The other day, my boyfriend (Nate) and I were waiting in the drive through at In-N-Out. As usual, there was what seemed to be a never-ending line of cars. We ordered our food, and continued to wait. As we began to move closer to the window, we noticed there was a homeless man standing on the side of the building. He had long disorderly hair, a ragged beard, and wore tattered clothes. He didn’t have any signs asking for money, nor did he approach anyone. He just smiled at the people in the cars as they drove by. That being said, he didn’t have very many teeth either. But nevertheless, he looked like a happy, friendly man. Because we were 3 cars away from the take-out window, Nate and I decided we would give him our meal. Our window wasn’t even half-way rolled down when Nate noticed the door on the car behind us open. Out stepped a little boy, who looked to be about 7 or 8. He skipped over to the man, grabbed his hand, and led him inside the restaurant, as (what I assumed to be his mom) waited in the car. The man smiled as the boy approached him, and he waved to the woman in the car, before the two entered the restaurant. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. There were so many cars that passed this man, and from what we saw, none stopped to share their food. And then out hops this little boy, all smiles, as he held the man’s hand to take him inside for a meal. The boy didn’t care that the man was homeless, nor did he care about his holey clothes or missing teeth. He was just happy to help.

It made me wonder… at what age do we stop being children? When do we lose that innocence and love for the world and everything in it? At what age do we stop counting our blessings, and place ourselves before the people around us? When do we stop helping, and start judging? We should act and see the world like children do. Now I’m not suggesting that we should quit our jobs and play all day (though sometimes it’s tempting). But we shouldn’t forget to share our blessings with those around us.

Live blindly, and love freely.


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