How To Have a Stress-Free Road Trip

Road trips are a blast! That is… if you have the right essentials.

      1. Plan


  • Planning a road trip takes work. First and most obvious, you need to know your destination.
  • Do your research on the different routes available. On my last road trip, (pictured above), I wanted to avoid the tolls, so I took the longer route.
  • After your research, figure out what route you will take to get there and back. Do you want a slower, more scenic route? Or do you want a faster route? Maybe during your research you discovered somewhere you want to stop off at along the way, so you have to take an alternate route.
  • Next, you need to know how long it will take to get there. Then decide on the allotted time you want to spend in the car. If getting to your destination takes longer than the allotted time, figure out where you will stay. Keep in mind that you will have to make stops for food, bathroom breaks, and spontaneous adventures along the way.
  • Speaking of figuring out where you’re going to stay, you need to figure out where you will stay when you reach your destination, and make the necessary reservations.

    2. Upbeat Music

  • You might not believe it, but driving for hours is exhausting. So upbeat music is essential! Any music that is slow, is a no go. Throw it away for the trip. Make a playlist with songs that do everything but put you to sleep or make you sad. Music often sets or changes the mood. This is a road trip! There is no need for negative emotions.

    3. Road Food


  • If you’re taking a long road trip, figure out what city you want to eat in, and what restaurant you want to eat at. Knowing where you’re going to eat in advance will allow you to make the necessary modifications on your maps. 
  • But don’t forget your snacks! Road munchies are a real thing, I promise you. And the best part? They don’t have to be healthy. Why? Because if you bring perishables and don’t have a cooler, you’ll be driving with spoiled food. So, candy and chips are a perfectly acceptable road trip snack.
  • However, if you do have a cooler, bring whatever you want! Making your own meals on-the-go will save you money in the long run.

    4. Money


  • Speaking of money, make sure you have more than you need. While you’re planning your trip, add up all your expenditures, and then tack on an extra couple hundred. Why? Because things can always go wrong unexpectedly, and you should be prepared.
  • Even if you think you won’t bring any home, don’t forget to bring money for souvenirs. Believe me, the one time you don’t bring money for souvenirs, will be the one time you find one you want.

    5. Good Company

  • Last but certainly not least, ride with good company. You’re going to be in a small enclosed space for hours with the people you choose to ride with. Don’t go on long road trips with people you don’t like spending time with (if you can help it).
  • If you can’t help it, don’t let it get you down. Make the best of it. People’s moods tend to rub off on each other. If one person is miserable, most likely the whole car will be miserable. No one is saying you have to sit right next to that person. So, do your best to ride it out. If planned right, you will have access to good music and good food. Do your best to be good company for everyone else.

But the MOST important thing is to have fun. Take lots of pictures, be spontaneous, and make lots of memories.


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